Abode Village View—July 3, 2022

Abode Village View—July 3, 2022

Dear Abode friends,

We understand that our community has questions about the future of the Abode. Our intention is, and always has been, to have a transparent and inclusive process. We understand that there is an organization interested in acquiring the Abode. In an effort to thoroughly respond to recent correspondence from this organization, legal counsel has recently been retained. This means that our process is slowed so that we may confer with counsel and determine a clear path forward in full compliance will all governing laws. Regrettably, the intervention of legal counsel limits communications as all interactions now have to be vetted through an attorney.

Please know that our thinking related to the Abode’s future is likely similar to your own:

    • Our core motivation is to serve the mission and transmission that created the Abode, and to continue the deep lineage of care for the Abode land and Shaker buildings.
    • We would like to see the sacred nature of the land maintained as a continuum from the Mohican tribe, to the Shakers, to the Jewish youth programs of the 1950s and 1960s, to the Sufis of the 1970s to 2020s, to today.
    • In thoughtfully considering the Abode’s future, we of course are fully committed to following all applicable laws pertaining to the sale.
    • We are open to consideration of all offers and proposals made in good faith and friendship.
    • We are interested in mutually respectful conversations with any group with a sincere interest in the Abode.
    • As of this writing, any potential sale process has been put on hold and will only resume when there is a clear way forward.

We are aware that we are living through a divisive time worldwide. Our larger community is one united by the ideals of Love, Harmony, and Beauty. We know that passionate people can have different perspectives on a place they all love, but our teachings tell us differences do not have to divide us. We pray that we can embody the values that we serve throughout this process.

Lastly, we empathize with the desire to see the Abode continue as the place we’ve known for so long, to be able to visit, do a retreat, attend a program, walk the mountain. We hope that the process becomes more open soon, so that we can envision the future of the Abode together.

Thank you for your patience as we may not send updates for a while, or respond to specific questions sent via email, until we have the opportunity to develop a clear path forward. We will also be in touch after we determine if we can hold in-person gatherings this summer.

In service,
Sohrob Nabatian, Chair
Ted Basir Yasi, Vice Chair
Jennifer Alia Wittman, Secretary & Treasurer