Abode Village View—June 19, 2022

Abode Village View—June 19, 2022

Pir Vilayat’s 106th Birthday Celebration
June 19th, 11am – 12pm ET via Zoom

Today we celebrate Pir Vilayat’s 106th birthday! Please join us via Zoom later today for a special Universal Worship Service at 11 am ET.

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87518925050?pwd=bTFpZ1hTT1k0OTZZV3NZd2J2SXFpUT09

Meeting ID: 875 1892 5050 Passcode: 472313

The theme from Pir Vilayat’s teaching is “Imagine what you could be, if you would be, how you might be.” Cherags participating include Gayatri Hull, Nizam Ash, Aimée Johnson, Saraswati Spies, Michael K’Shatria, Wahhaba Babbs, Maria Cristina Fernandez and Yaqin Aubert. Mahbub Davis is kindly serving as Zoom tech support.

Please come celebrate Pir Vilayat with us! 

We will return to sharing Abode updates and news next Sunday.