Abode Village View—June 26, 2022

Abode Village View—June 26, 2022

Dear Friends

Thanks to all who participated in last weekend’s honoring of Pir Vilayat’s 106th birthday! It was a beautiful event, attended by many good friends in-person at the Abode and also online.

A few days ago we announced an information session on the Abode sale, scheduled for this coming Wednesday, June 29th. Please note that we have decided to postpone this meeting. The Abode Board of Trustees is in the process of considering recent requests with regard to the future of the Abode, and we will reschedule once we have the opportunity to fully evaluate them. In the meantime, we will continue to share updates every Sunday.

In service,

Trustees for the Abode of the Message
Sohrob Nabatian, Chair
Basir Yasi, Vice-Chair
Jennifer Alia Wittman, Secretary & Treasurer

Please see below for recent news. If you have additional questions, please email us at [email protected]. We’ll continue to try and answer questions through these Sunday newsletters. Thank you!
  • Andy Bruce has returned to the Abode to serve on the staff throughout the Abode transition. The current Abode staff includes Keven Carlon (Executive Director), Steve Pause, Amir Bisio, and Andy Bruce, with Adriana Szyda and Shaheen on work exchange.
  • Basir Yasi, Abode Board Vice Chair, visited the Abode the week of June 13th, where he met with staff individually and as a group, sat in on various meetings, and generally oriented himself to the day-to-day workings of the Abode.
  • Jennifer Alia Wittman, Abode Secretary and Treasurer, arrives at the Abode this coming Monday and will stay for some time over the summer to assist with the process around the sale.
  • Frederick Haley, contracted by the Abode Board, completed a survey of the property, including a proposed subdivision that is being considered as a possible option.
  • Abode Trustees met with Columbia Land Conservancy to discuss how conservation easements can help protect the ecology and sacred character of the Abode mountain.
  • We applied for financing to help pay for ongoing operating expenses.