Abode Village View – Week of June 28

Abode Village View – Week of June 28

Due to the ongoing public health crisis, the Abode remains closed to the general public. Our priority remains to maintain a safe environment for those living and working on campus.


We have witnessed a number of unknown persons coming onto campus. Access to the Abode is restricted to current residents, staff, and invited guests and service providers. Our mountain is restricted to foot traffic only, and only to invited guests. Please honor this restriction.


Anyone not residing or working at the Abode must obtain permission to come on campus and must pass NY State mandated screening protocols. All visitors to the Abode are required to wear a face mask while on campus. Access to our buildings is restricted to staff and residents.


We realize that it is very difficult for many to stay away from the home of their heart for so long. We believe that the virus is not done with us yet, and are working towards developing ways we can accommodate visitors while remaining vigilant.


If you would like to inquire about visiting the Abode, please email ‪frontdesk@theabode.org. Because we are working reduced hours, our response to you may be delayed.


Thank you.

Sufi Message Class | Thursday, July 2 | 7:00 PM EDT


We pray you are well, healthy, and happy! The Inayati Center at the Abode will be Zooming it’s Thursday classes for the foreseeable future. Please join us on line for inspiration, meditation and social sharing! All are welcome.


Here is the link! Use the Password: 493634

For the final Sunday of Pride Month, we want to share an article from the cofounders–Rev. Louise Mitchell and Mx Chris Page*– of Transfaith, a national non-profit led by transgender people. Transfaith describes themselves as “a multi-tradition, multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-generational organization working to support transgender spiritual/cultural workers and their leadership in community.”


The article, from May 29, speaks on George Floyd, Tony McDade, and is packed with more resources to educate oneself on the experience of Black trans people.


Here is a brief excerpt, though we recommend reading the full article and the other resources Transfaith has provided.

Being transgender in no way makes our Black and Brown kin immune from police violence, the threat of police violence, or vigilante assault. We know well that being transgender does not keep us from being public servants or religious leaders, but, being “respectable,” whether as clergy or lawyers or as community advocates, does not protect our Black and Brown kin from the very real consequences of living in a white supremacist world, either.


This is the world we live in. Each one of us must find our own way forward in the midst of conflicting news and conflicting feelings. Whether you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, or whether you remain confused about why protesters might take to the streets, we want you to know that you are loved.

*Mx (pronounced like mix) is a gender-neutral honorific initially introduced in the 1970s that has gained traction within the nonbinary community. Although not a necessary part of a nonbinary identity, Mx Chris Page uses they/them pronouns. Please note: not all nonbinary people use Mx or they/them pronouns, it is always best to ask an individual how they want you to refer to them.