Abode 45th Anniversary Challenge

Abode 45th Anniversary Challenge

Dear Friend of the Abode,

In a message written on the cusp of the new millennium, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, founder of the Abode, noted: “The pull of the future is more important than the push of the past.”  The Pir was quoting the mathematician and physicist Leonhard Euler, and writing about faith, courage and awakening.


“The issue is to be able to find in oneself the ability to deal with a challenge and thereby gain self-confidence, and even come to appreciate the value of challenges for the unfoldment of one’s potential.” – Pir Vilayat


Our current times, and the social and environmental upheavals we are experiencing, are teaching us again that one has to have faith and courage to create the future; that it is never guaranteed. 


For 45 years, the Abode has helped foster the awakening of the human spirit. We are now in the midst of awakening the future Abode.

The energy, excitement and recent progress we’ve made is evident and growing.


Working together as a community of service, since 2016 our hands and hearts have:


  • Invested more than $300,000 in infrastructure improvements, repairs and rehabilitation projects


  • Established the Pir Vilayat Center to focus on Inayati practices and teachings and manage a reimagined retreat concentration


  • Grown program revenues in 2018 and 2019 through outreach (including an increase in Mountain Camp programming from 4 in 2016 to over 10 in 2020!)


  • Coalesced our focus around providing Sacred Hospitality as a community

While we are doing well, we still need your help. We need your generosity to sustain the Abode being built, one that flourishes for a new generation seeking to awaken the consciousness of the human spirit. 


We are working to respond to the pull of the future through our dedication to sacred hospitality as a manifestation of the Message: The idea that by serving visitors, guests, retreatants, and worshippers, we serve the divine in them and in ourselves. It is our mission to bring people here, and to provide them with a container to explore and recharge themselves, and to return refreshed back into the world.


Those who come to the Abode represent diversity in all its glory, and are living examples of the universal Sufi Message of the unity of all beings and beliefs – a unity that transcends the boundaries of race, religion, gender, and creed.


We believe that the time has come for the Message to resound throughout the world, so that we may come to see the divine very much alive in each of us.

The Abode 45th Anniversary Challenge:


Building the Bridge to the Future

We have been blessed with a challenge and an opportunity.  $450,000 has been pledged, if we can generate support from our global community during our 45th anniversary year. If we meet the challenge, we can sustain the Abode for years to come.


To receive the full pledge, The Abode needs to generate $225,000 in donations or pledges by the 45th Reunion in July 2020. Donations will be matched either 1-for-1 or 2-for-1. 

Double Your Impact!


All donations will be matched!


Individuals who give in multiples of $45 will be matched 2-for-1. A $45 donation will become $135, a $90 donation will become $270, etc.


Donations from organizations & institutions will be matched 1-for-1, if given in multiples of $450 or higher.

How will these funds be used?


  • We have outlined three critical capital projects that we are seeking to fund, among others:  the renovation of the main courtyard, the replacement of the tent platform on the Mountain Camp, and the construction of a new memorial and contemplative space at the site of Pir Vilayat’s ‘Pod.’ 


  • To fund the renovation and refurbishments needed to support the creation of a more active, inclusive and robust Retreat and Rest & Relaxation offering.


  • More needs to be done to make our historic Shaker grounds capable of holding more visitors, including transitioning buildings to provide more guests spaces, upgrading and modernizing facilities, creating more accessible grounds, and more.

As this 45th anniversary year unfolds, I hope that you can tap into your love of the Abode and the Message of love and unity that is cultivated here. I also hope that you can further extend our fundraising by relaying our need to your own connections and network, spreading the message even further.


On behalf of all those who are working to keep the Message vibrant, relevant and freshly tended, I thank you for supporting our work.


In Gratitude,

Al Bellenchia

Executive Director, The Abode of the Message

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