An Update on the Abode—August 24, 2022

An Update on the Abode—August 24, 2022

Dear Abode friends,

We hope that you have been enjoying a glorious summer.

Over the past almost two months, we have been working to clarify processes related to transferring the responsibility of the Abode to new ownership. After receiving correspondence from attorneys representing Friends of South Family, Inc., we were advised by legal counsel to discontinue public activities, including email communications, a planned information session, a series of Abode Open Houses, and an Abode Community Day scheduled for August 6th, and instead focus on consulting attorneys with experience in New York State religious non-profit property law. This is why we have not shared any new updates with you until now.

As we go forward, please know that the Abode and Friends of South Family, Inc, are planning to meet this week. Akbar Scott, FSFI’s Chair, and Sohrob Nabatian, Chair of the Abode Board, will begin a dialogue, with Rabia Povich, Vice President of the Inayatiyya’s Kinship Activity, providing facilitation support.

Also, please know that we have not pursued a sale of the Abode this summer and are not pursuing an outside sale right now. Our focus over the past weeks has solely been on clarifying legal processes, addressing financial questions (Abode bookkeeping, financing, etc.), updating human resources documentation, and supporting the Abode staff with operational needs.

Relatedly, the Abode Board has made a financial decision to preserve cash and limit debt as much as possible during this time in the transition process. As part of this, we will simplify the Abode’s operations and not renew the current Abode Executive Director, Kevin Carlon’s, hire agreement past August 31st, 2022. We regret that this is the case and are deeply appreciative of Kevin’s service during this very uncertain time in the Abode’s history. In the interim, until a transfer of new ownership is complete, Jennifer Alia Wittman, the Inayatiyya’s Executive Director, will step down from the Abode Board to serve as Acting Executive Director at no cost to the Abode.

Thank you for your prayers and kind support as we actively call forth a yet-to-be-discovered future.

Toward the One,
Sohrob Nabatian, Abode Board Chair

PS—We will make sure to update you as new developments evolve. Please email any questions you may have to [email protected] We will aim to answer as many questions as we can in upcoming posts.