Best of the Abode Friday Giveaway and Appeal Update, 2nd Week

Best of the Abode Friday Giveaway and Appeal Update, 2nd Week

Dearest friends and lovers of this beautiful Abode,

What a week it has been at the Abode!!!

Last weekend we hosted Gnosis Albany, the highest volume program that we’ve had on the main campus — all the beds, huts, cabins, and nooks and crannies were full.

Now this week, our beloved Jalila Chris Maddox has the Wild Woman Festival up at the Mountain Camp, while our dorms are housing a high school soccer camp from Berkeley Carroll in NYC (alma mater to our own Andy Bruce).

Next week we have a Mountain wedding for the daughter of early Abodians, followed by Spirituality In Medicine down on the Main Campus.  It’s an immensely busy time at the Abode!!!

Our third session of our Khidmat program (work-spiritual study) starts on August 28th and Netanel Miles-Yépez has recently arrived as our Teacher-In-Residence for that session.


This week was also our first “Best of the Abode Giveaway” and we are proud to announce that Tajali Jeanne Ickovits has won the first Giveaway – a free 3-day weekend for 2 people at the Abode (subject to availability).  Congratulations, Tajali!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – THIS week’s “Best of the Abode Giveaway” – a free guided retreat on the Mountain or in the Meditation Hall (up to 4 days; subject to availability)!

So, contribute $33 or more to the Abode Summer Appeal and you’ll be entered in a drawing for the Best of the Abode Giveaway for this free guided retreat!!!  And this week we’re again giving away CDs of Abodian music by Dakini Marcy Telles to the first 5 donations over $100.

Abode Summer Appeal 2016 Update

Our Abode Summer Appeal 2016 has reached $40,809 and our August $1-to-$1 matching grant brings that total to $55,394.  Only 25% of the Abode’s operating budget is sustained by donations, but your financial support does keep the Abode alive and thriving so donate today.  Or simply spend some time with us – join us for a meal or come visit for a few days!  We would love to have you!

Wings out, hearts up!
Ibrahím Pedriñán, M.Div.
Abode Director of Programs