Best of the Abode Friday Giveaway / Appeal Update

Best of the Abode Friday Giveaway / Appeal Update

Beloved Friends of the Abode!

As we round the corner to the final weeks of the Abode Summer Appeal, the Abode is excited to announce our Friday Giveaways! Each of the next four weeks through Labor Day week, we will offer a special giveaway for anyone donating $33 or more.

Each Friday we will announce the winner for the previous week AND announce the next Giveaway! Each Giveaway aims to showcase The Best of the Abode: the Abode’s accommodations, the Abode’s meals, the Abode’s teachers, and the Abode’s natural surroundings. Winners will be picked at random.

This week’s Best of the Abode giveaway is a free 3-day weekend (Thursday-Saturday or Friday-Sunday) for 2 people to stay at the Abode (subject to availability). We want more people to share time at the Abode, to enjoy the glorious beauty, the rich community, and the heartfull spirituality, and we are thrilled to offer this free 3-day weekend to help highlight The Best of the Abode! Donate today!

Also, Kim Allen has graciously donated to the Abode Summer Appeal CDs of Dakini Marcy Telles, one of the founders of the Abode and a singer-songwriter. This Music of the Abode is available to the first 5 donations over $100 for each of the next four weeks.

The Abode Summer Appeal is currently at $40,015 with August’s 1:1 match bringing us to $40,805. We hope these Best of the Abode Giveaways will grow that number and get more of you visiting the Abode!

Wings out, hearts up!
Ibrahím Pedriñán, M.Div.
Abode Director of Programs