February Monthly Village View

February Monthly Village View

Dear Friends,

While the calendar and weather tells us we are still in the midst of mid-winter hibernation, our team is fully engaged in projects and planning for the upcoming season. The heat is on!

The rehabilitation of the Mughni guesthouse continues, with the basement moisture remediation largely complete. In the coming weeks, we will begin remodeling the kitchen, installing new flooring, appliances and storage, to accommodate the transition of the space to hold Abode residents.

Later this month, we will begin refurbishing the women’s bathroom in Razzaq, and upgrading the space with new fixtures and fittings. This has been long overdue. Addressing the men’s bathroom is also in planning stages.

We have recently completed a number of upgrades and improvements to address new or updated safety and fire codes.  This work included new fire and smoke detectors in our resident and public spaces, the installation of a fire suppression system in our programs kitchen, and numerous other items.

We have a very full and robust schedule in 2020, highlighted by Season of the Rose and the Abode 45th Anniversary celebration, occurring back to back in late June through early July. 

We will need many new hands to provide conscientious service to all of our visitors this year.  We have recently launched our volunteer application and will be posting employment opportunities in the next few weeks.  Positions will be available in many departments:  Guest Services, Mountain, Housekeeping, Kitchen and more. Stay tuned for more news via the Village View and our social media pages.

We also are counting on your generosity to help us create the future Abode.  Our 45th Anniversary Campaign for the Future is underway and we have received an amazing challenge grant:  $450,000 if we can raise $225,000!  Your gift to this campaign will help us continue to rehabilitate the Abode’s historic campus and provide Sacred Hospitality to the growing number of seekers we serve. 

With gratitude,


Dear Friends,

If you (and/or someone you know) are interested in living and volunteering at the Abode, now is the perfect time to take a look at our recently updated volunteer website. This year’s program has been rebuilt to incorporate feedback from previous volunteers and teachers. The spiritual study component focuses on an offering of Sufi and nature-oriented teachings and practices, spearheaded by Kevin Bose with support from me (Khaldun) and Yaqin. Read more below and visit the website for more details: https://theabode.org/volunteer/

From the website:

Connect with your spiritual path and heart-aligned service. Learn and experience Sacred Hospitality, Sufi teachings, mindfulness, meditation, living in community, core routines of nature connection, eco-literacy, village building skills, organic and biodynamic farming, permaculture, and regenerative design. Join the Abode Volunteer Experience working in heart-aligned service at the Abode Retreat Center where you will learn new skills, develop a fluency in Sacred Hospitality, live in community, and have time and support to explore the spiritual dimensions of life. Sacred Hospitality is a core practice at the Abode, stemming from the idea that in serving others from the heart, we serve and develop the sacred in them and in ourselves.

Feel free to email Kevin Bose with any questions about the program at [email protected]

In service,


Upcoming This Week

Langar Lunch

Wednesday, February 19 | 12:30 pm | Razzaq Dining Hall

Wednesday lunches are a free service oriented gathering, community discussion, and a chance to spend time with the Abode’s extended community.

Universal Celebration Led by María Cristina & Yaqin

Sunday, February 23 | 11:00 am | Quddus Meditation Hall

Universal Worship is the inter-religious activity of the Inayati Order, promoting harmony between the world’s major religious traditions, primarily through the Universal Worship service.

Sufi Message Class led by Shakur

Thursday, February 20 | 7:00 pm | Quddus Meditation Hall

In the next two Message classes, we will be working on interior meditation practices to get us present and focused on our inner self.  We will practice meditation and work with the breath to put us in touch with that inner place of Love or God.  Our goal is to make it easy to go deep and find our inner goals and what we really want to do at this time in our life.

Upcoming This Month

Wednesday lunches are a free service oriented gathering, community discussion, and a chance to spend time with the Abode’s extended community.

Lunch is from 12:30-1:30 pm every Wednesday!

Universal Worship is the inter-religious activity of the Inayati Order, promoting harmony between the world’s major religious traditions, primarily through the Universal Worship service.

Universal Celebration is held every Sunday at 11:00 am in Quddus Meditation Hall. All are welcome to join!


February 23

María Cristina & Yaqin

March 1


March 8


March 15

Nur Gale

Taught from transcribed papers of talks given by Hazrat Inayat Khan as well as other religious and spiritual backgrounds, Message classes mix meditation, breathing and movement practices with receptive listening to Sufi teachings.

Sufi Message Classes are held every Thursday at 7:00 pm in Quddus Meditation Hall. Join us beforehand at 6:00 for dinner!


February 20 & 27


March 5

Nur Gale

March 12


Dances of Universal Peace

Sunday, March 15 | 1:30 pm | Quddus Meditation Hall

Join us for movement and chanting to live music using sacred mantras and poetry dedicated to world peace. All are welcomed; no experience in singing or dancing is needed.

During Black History Month the Abode is sharing quotes by American civil rights and spiritual leaders from a variety of faith backgrounds. Last week we shared a quote from Bayard Rustin, a Quaker civil rights activist who helped convince Dr. King to fully embrace non-violent resistance as an ideology.

For February’s Monthly View we are highlighting Dr. Carter G. Woodson.

From the website, biography.com:

Carter G. Woodson was the second African American to receive a doctorate from Harvard, after W.E.B. Du Bois. Known as the “Father of Black History,” Woodson dedicated his career to the field of African American history and lobbied extensively to establish Black History Month as a nationwide institution. He also wrote many historical works, including the 1933 book The Mis-Education of the Negro. He died in Washington, D.C., in 1950.If you stop by the Abode, check out our library for a table of books on Black history, race, and racism donated by Wajid!

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