Fundraising Updates, Town Hall, and Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Fundraising Updates, Town Hall, and Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Beloved Friends of the Abode!

Happy August!

Our Abode Summer Appeal 2016 continues with our $1 to $1 match in place.  As of last week Friday we had $38,593.  In the past week, we’ve received $113, which, with the 1:1 match, becomes $226.  This moves our total to $38,819.
Thank you for remembering us and continuing to give!

Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Wonder how all these announcements make it to your inbox?  And get posted to the internet?  Recently we hired Khaldun Mendel as our Communications and Outreach Coordinator.  A former Abode Khadim https://theabode.org/khidmat-work-study/, and presently in the Jabalqa class of Suluk Academy http://www.sulukacademy.org/, Khaldun brings with him a love for the Abode and skills in writing, technology, and relationship-building.  Write him at media@theabode.org and find his bio on our staff page in the coming days.

Town Hall Meeting Tuesday

In the coming week, there is an exciting opportunity for lovers of the Abode far and near.  The Leadership Team – the new Board and new Executive Director – invite everyone on Tuesday night to join for a “Town Hall Meeting” either in person at the Abode or through Zoom video conferencing.  This will be a time for updates, for questions and answers, and for sharing the vision of the Abode.  More details can be found here: https://theabode.org/town-hall-meeting-announcement/

Wings out, hearts up!
Ibrahím Pedriñán, M.Div.
Abode Director of Programs