July 1 Update from Ibrahím

July 1 Update from Ibrahím

Dear friends and lovers of the Abode,

Our Abode Summer Appeal 2016 has begun and we are off to a steady start.  Since we launched the Appeal at our celebration of Pir Vilayat, we have received $10,252 – 5% toward our goal of $200,000.  Your contributions are what sustain the Abode’s operating budget, and your thoughts and prayers support the Abode’s heart.  We welcome both!

We plan on posting weekly updates to let you know where we are in relation to our goal, to let you know how you can continue supporting the Abode, and to share a message from a community member.  This week’s message is from Gabriel and Vimala Steadman, who have offered a generous 1:2 matching donation – they will give $1 for every $2 you give, up to $33,000!

Thank you all for your support and love of the Abode.

Ibrahím Pedriñán, M.Div.

Abode Director of Programs

Note from Gabriel:

steadmansDear friends,

Vimala and I are fortunate to have lived at the Abode and to remain connected to this special place for close to 40 years. We met here, were married here, and our daughter Sarah was blessed by Pir Vilayat at our sacred mountain camp when she was an infant. Today, Sarah and her partner Evan run the Abode CSA, and it is with more than fatherly pride I say the farm has never looked so good nor produced such abundance. 

Last year at this time the Abode held its 40th reunion. Along with the reunion came news of the difficult financial situation of the Abode. In response you came through and enough was raised to balance the budget for the year. 

What most do not know is that during the reunion I had a powerful vision about the Abode’s future, so powerful that it remains with me today.  When I feel doubt I call upon it and it sustains me. This has allowed me to serve steadfast on the Abode Steering Committee and help, both figuratively and literally, to steer the Abode to not what I hope, but what I know, can and will be a bright and prosperous future for this place that means so much to so many. 

That future will not be realized, however, without continued financial support from the greater Abode community. Residenial rent and program income are simply not enough to cover the yearly costs of running the Abode. Without your financial support the Abode will not be able survive. It will take all of us giving what we can to make it happen. Last year we saved the Abode, this year we start the rebuilding. Please help. 

With gratitude,

Gabriel and Vimala Steadman