July 22 Update from Ibrahím

July 22 Update from Ibrahím

Beloved Friends,

So many thrilling things are underway – a new Abode Board, a new Abode Executive Director, new Abode initiatives to renew and revivify the home of our souls.

These things are only possible with your gracious support.  We are so thankful for those who have already given, for those who have shared their stories and advice, and for those consistently present to the Abode’s needs!  The Abode – your abode – is so blessed by you.

The Abode Summer Appeal is currently at $24,941, which is 12% of our goal.  The Steadman’s match brings us to $37,412 and 18% of our goal.  Without your donations, the Abode struggles to move forward in more exciting ways.  With 100%, the Abode can host a more robust programs schedule, offer regular Sufi activities, and grow Abode initiatives.  Help us reach the goal and help us renew the Abode, your Abode!

Be on the lookout for upcoming and exciting updates – a welcome letter from new Abode Executive Director, Al Bellenchia, a letter from the Inayati Order, and some great videos of people and places around the Abode and what’s happening on the ground!

Thank you for your generous support!  Many blessings to you all!

Wings out, hearts up!
Ibrahím Pedriñán
Abode Director of Programs