July 8 Update from Huzur Nawaz

July 8 Update from Huzur Nawaz

Dear friends of the Abode,

Warm greetings to each of you.  There are several important news items from the Abode that have occurred in these past few weeks.  We’re happy to report that several very important milestones have been reached in our collective mission to create an independently managed and run Abode of the Message.

New Abode Board of Trustees

The first item we would like to report on is that as of last Tuesday evening, the Steering phase of the Abode transition is complete.  That evening the Inayati Order Board met and approved a motion establishing the independent Abode Board of Trustees.  This Board replaces the Abode Steering Committee, which was formed late last year to begin the work of transitioning the Abode to management independent of the Inayati Order.  The initial slate of Board members are as follows:  Nasreen Moayedi, Chair, Aimee Brodeur Johnson, Secretary, Maheboob Blair Davis, Treasurer, Gabriel Steadman, Trustee, and Huzur Nawaz German, Trustee.  The new Board will be seeking to strengthen itself in the coming months by adding additional members with expertise relevant to our work.  Please be thinking of people you think would be good Abode Board members; we plan on being public with our process of adding new members.

New Abode Executive Director

In addition to a new Board, last week the Abode hired its own Executive Director.  After an in-depth search process that included local community input on the final two candidates, the Abode Steering Committee selected Mr. Al Bellenchia for the position.  The Search Committee was very impressed with Al’s experience, his professionalism, and his sincere enthusiasm for the Abode and its mission.  The Abode Board of Trustees is delighted to have landed Al, and we are confident that he will prove to be an able replacement to our current and beloved ED, Jennifer Alia Wittman.  Please join us in wishing Al all the best in his work, and next time you are at the Abode, please take the opportunity to welcome him to our family.

Other News

In addition to these two important milestones, the Abode BOT is also pleased to report that we have budgeted and filled a new staff position for Communications and Outreach.  This is a very high level need at the Abode at the present time.  We all know how special the Abode is, and it is critical to the Abode’s future success and sustainability that we spread the word to seekers far and wide.  This position begins next week; please look forward to more communications from the Abode in the coming months.

Please contribute to the 2016 Abode Summer Appeal!

Speaking of the Abode’s sustainability, we would be remiss to let this opportunity pass without mentioning the Abode Summer Appeal.  The Abode is in the midst of a turnaround; this year and next will be ones of rebuilding…we can and we will do this together.  The changes we are making now, especially in the personnel in whom we are investing, we are positioning the Abode for a very bright future.  But we can’t get there without your help.  Please take a moment now and donate what you can to support our efforts.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated.  And thank you!

With Love,

The Abode of the Message Board of Trustees

Nasreen Moayedi, Chair

Aimee Brodeur Johnson, Secretary

Maheboob Blair Davis, Treasurer

Gabriel Steadman, Trustee

Huzur Nawaz German, Trustee