Main Campus

Main Campus

The main campus of the Abode is open year-round. The main campus has facilities that can house up to 59 guests. It includes a main meeting space called the Meditation Hall (Quddus), break out spaces, a dining room, and more. It is housed in original Shaker buildings called the New Lebanon South Family. It has a wonderful herb and flower garden, an organic farm, hiking trails, and a pond bathed in peacefulness (though the pond is currently closed for swimming). Below are descriptions of some of the main facilities available for rent.

Meditation Hall (Quddus)

The Meditation Hall is the main meeting space on the main campus. Participants will have access to chairs, benches, back jacks or cushions to sit on. A grand piano is available. The floor is wooden with small to large oriental rugs. The meditation hall has a PA and sound system. The use of the meditation hall is reserved for the Abode Universal Worship Service on Sunday from 10:00 am to 12:00 p.m. unless there are more than 35 participants in an event. In that case, the Universal Worship Service can be moved to another location and the renting program can use the meditation hall. The dimensions of the room are approximately 56 x 24 (1356 sq. ft.).


Razzaq houses many of the community members who live at the Abode. This is also where you will find the main kitchen and the dining areas. Our dining areas can seat approximately 80 guests per meal with a possibility of overflow into the library, up one flight of stairs. In the front dining room, guests get their meals buffet style, and the back dining room can also be used as a break out space or for more intimate group meals. In the summer, many guests prefer to eat outside on our picnic tables. Guests eat alongside community members.


The Library is a larger space than the conference room and is arranged into two meeting areas with couches and comfortable chairs. The overall size of the room is approximately 20 x 36 with the two meeting areas measuring approximately 20 x 24 with the chairs and couches arranged around the edges, and the other space measuring approximately 11 x 12 with chairs in a circle. There is also a table for four, and a few rugs on top of the Shaker wooden floor. This room has wireless internet and is a good place to sit comfortably and surf the net.

Family Room

The Family Room is our main meeting place for groups of less than 30 participants. It is a large and comfortable space measuring approximately 33 ft. by 15 ft. (495 sq. ft.). It is a multiple use space. It has comfortable chairs and tables for meetings, conferences, classes or as a break-out room. It can become a media room for groups doing audio-visual presentations. Renting groups can use the TV, DVD and VHS players available in this room. Rugs and chairs can easily be removed to do exercises, hold dances, or host small parties/gatherings. It can also be used as second dining room for groups doing silent retreats or conducting special diet programs.

Conference Room

The Conference Room is a comfortable space with couches and stuffed chairs. There is a rug in the middle of the room covering most of the floor. It is approximately 22 x 16 (352 sq. ft.).

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Photos by Jane Feldman, Hilary Benas