Abode Village View – Month of October

Abode Village View – Month of October

Help Our Future Come Into Focus


Dear Friends,

Today we are launching the fundraising for the Abode’s 45th Anniversary in 2020.  Please follow this link to find our donation page.


Your donations will help fund three strategic initiatives critical to the Abode’s mission and vision: providing a sanctuary for the Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and a place of sacred hospitality and retreat. You can designate your donation for a specific project, or for general support. Please give generously – the Abode grows with your support.


Over the past three years, your generosity has allowed the Abode to re-energize our spiritual offerings, revitalize our Shaker buildings, and rebuild our sustainability. Friends and visitors have spoken of feeling a renewed sense of purpose, welcoming attitude and commitment to our founding vision and values.


Since becoming independently managed, the Abode has:

  • Refocused and clarified our mission and vision, and rededicated to our Sufi heritage and values.
  • Created the Pir Vilayat Center as a hub of Inayati practices, teachings and teachers.
  • Undertaken major improvements on our historic Shaker structures, including the Meditation Hall, Razzaq, Alim, Mughni and Rumi’s Café.  
  • Established and cultivated a culture focused on providing an atmosphere of sacred hospitality for community and guests alike. 
  • Consistently grown our program rentals on the main campus and Mountain Camp.
  • Created a new focus on providing retreats and R&R to an expanding number of individuals and groups.


As we approach our 45th anniversary year, we are embarking on a period of celebration and remembrance, which will culminate in the 45th Reunion held July 3-5, 2020.  Please sign up to receive updates on upcoming events and how you’d like to participate.


Thank you for your nourishing generosity, love and support.



Al Bellenchia, Executive Director

Gabriel Steadman, Chair, Abode Board of Trustees


Aimee Johnson, Blair Mahbub Davis, Linda Nasreen Moayedi, Susan Sarfaraz Dawdy, Abode Trustees

Courtyard Rehabilitation

A New Contemplative Visitation Space

A Permanent Replacement for the Mountain’s Tent Platform

These images are intentionally blurry.

You can bring them into focus with your donation to the Abode.

An Update From The Abode Shop


Over the course of the summer season the Abode Shop has expanded quite a bit. We still have books (more than ever!), but we now carry a wide array of items that support your practice…or just make you smile.


Come check us out at the Jami Welcome Center to peruse our…

  • Diverse Assortment of Books
  • Locally Made Jewelry
  • Meditation Cushions
  • Yoga Mats
  • Plant Medicines from Shaker Mt. Herbals
  • Singing Bowls
  • Clothing (New Heart & Wings Tee on Sale for $20 All October!)
  • And So Much More!


The Abode Shop is open weekdays and Sundays starting at 9:00 AM.

New Lebanon Community Health Space

October Hours


The New Lebanon Community Health Space will be open this Thursday 10/17/19 from 3:00-5:00 pm with Dr. Frank.

No sign up needed. He can answer basic medical questions, medications questions, BP checks and do a quick assessment as needed.


Dates for this month:

10/17 3:00-5:00 pm
10/24 3:00-5:00 pm


In addition, we are looking for anyone in the community who would like to assist.  From the beginning, we have wanted to de-professionalize health education and resources.  So while there may be a few of us who hold licenses/certifications, we also want to hold space for all types of expertise.  If there is an area of health or wellness that you have studies and would feel comfortable holding classes, Q&A hours, workshops, consultations, etc, please feel free to do so.  These could include basic consults, weekly teachings, group study or individualized treatment.  We’ll leave the format up to each practitioner, including any donation/sliding scale/payment structure.


LHA Practitioner Signup


Lebanon Health Assembly

Upcoming This Week

Join us for a dive into Sufi, Buddhist, Native American and other spiritual texts and practices that help us find our path to healing ourselves.

Universal Worship will be led by Yaqin Aubert on the theme of “Trust and Faith.”

In turbulent times come dance, sing, and pray with us.

Recipe Corner

To celebrate our 45th Anniversary we will be sharing recipes from 30 Years of Cooking with Love: Recipes from The Abode of the Message, a cookbook compiled in 2005 by Nizam Ash, Aimee Johnson, Rabia McIlvaine, Shirin Rosenberg, Feizi Spencer, Wahida Ashki Young, and Jill Zoeller.

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