Please Note: Retreats at the Abode are closed for the present time as we focus on renovating and improving our spaces. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Abode!

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“Life is such a phenomenon, if only we dive deep into it, that we find that there is no question without an answer.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Retreat is an opportunity to invite an answer to life’s questions. Whether you’re seeking immersion in practices of a certain path, looking to build a relationship with nature, or courting creative inspiration, the Abode is a container that can hold your process.


The Pir Vilayat Center at the Abode offers guided and self-directed individual and group retreats. We make spiritual teachings from the world’s contemplative traditions accessible to those seeking to enrich their lives by gaining deeper self understanding and to develop understanding and harmony among people of all nations, races, genders, cultures and creeds.

Cabin Retreat

What can retreat help manifest in your life?


Our fast-paced world can often prevent us from reaching our ideals in life. Retreat allows time to take stock of what’s really important — whether that’s a deeper connection with yourself, time alone in nature, focused spiritual development, team-building practices, artistic inspiration, or a goal entirely unique to you.


The Abode has been home to an attuned retreat concentration for nearly four decades. Some individuals and groups take retreats here year after year, while others are new to the retreat process. All are welcome at the Abode.