Abode Accommodation Terms and Conditions for Individual Stays


The Abode of the Message, an Eco-Sufi Village, offers a variety of services and living accommodations for our guests. In order to ensure the satisfaction of our guests and residential community through continuous high quality service, we ask that you carefully review the following Terms & Conditions applicable to your stay. These Terms & Conditions are a legally binding document and must be signed before you complete registration.  Completing registration constitutes signing the agreement to these terms and conditions.



  • Full payment of your stay is required upon registration.
  • The Abode accepts credit card, cash, and check. All checks must be made payable to “The Abode of the Message”.


Room Allocation

  • The allocation of your room will be determined by our availability.
  • Program check-in is typically 3p-6p on the day the program begins.  Non-program check-in time is during our office hours from 9a-4p. If you plan on arriving before or after office hours, then call 518-794-8095 or e-mail [email protected] 24 hours in advance of your arrival. Check-out is by 10a the day of your departure.
  • The Abode may assign an alternative room for your stay if the appointed room becomes unavailable for any reason. The Abode, where possible, will consult with you before finalizing these changes.
  • Special considerations are made for our Allergy-Free rooms and guests staying in our Allergy-Free rooms agree to abide by Allergy-Free Room Rules and Regulations (see below).




  • Cancellations made more than forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the program are eligible for a full refund.
  • Cancellations made less than forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the program at the discretion of the management may be used as credit towards a future stay



Health & Safety

  • When visiting the Abode, it is important to regularly check yourself for ticks. Lyme disease is endemic to the northeastern United States and commonly contracted from deer tick bites. There are preventative measures you can take while staying on our property. For more information regarding Lyme disease and prevention refer to the following links and your Welcome materials: https://www.cdc.gov/features/lymedisease/ ; https://www.lymedisease.org/lyme-basics/lyme-disease/about-lyme/
  • In the event of a fire, evacuate the building and call 9-1-1. For more information on fire safety and evacuation, refer to signs posted in buildings and to your Welcome materials.


Release of Liability

This Release of Liability, Agreement Not to Sue, and Indemnification (“Agreement”) is an important legal document. By signing it , you are giving up certain rights. BE SURE TO READ IT CAREFULLY.

In consideration for being permitted to enter the premises and/or use the premises, facilities, equipment, services, or programs offered by or involving directly or indirectly the Abode of the Message, Inc., a New York not-for-profit corporation (hereinafter referred to as “THE ABODE”), I, the undersigned, agree as follows for myself and for my heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, or anyone else claiming on my behalf:


  1. RELEASE OF LIABILITY.  I hereby release and forever discharge THE ABODE, its employees, volunteers, agents, representatives, officers, directors, agents, successors and assigns (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Released Parties”) from any and all liability, claims, demands, or causes of action whatsoever, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, arising out of any damage, loss, or injury to me or my property, or my death, as a result of or in any way connected with my participation in any of the Activities, whether resulting from the negligence or other fault, of any of the Released Parties, or from any other cause.
  2. COVENANT NOT TO SUE.  I hereby agree never to institute or assist in any lawsuit or cause of action against any of the Released Parties whether caused by the negligence or fault, active or passive, of any of the Released Parties, or from any other cause. I hereby so instruct my heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, or anyone else claiming on my behalf.
  3. INDEMNIFICATION.  I agree to indemnify, save, defend, and hold harmless the Released Parties from any and all losses, claims, actions, or proceedings of every kind and character, including attorneys’ fees and expenses, which may be presented or initiated by any person or organization and arising directly or indirectly from my participation in the Activities, whether resulting from the negligence or other fault, either active or passive, of any of the Released Parties, or from any other cause.
  4. APPLICABLE LAW/WAIVER OF JURY TRIAL/VENUE.  The laws of the State of New York shall govern this Agreement and any dispute arising from the Activities. I hereby waive my right to a jury trial and consent to personal jurisdiction and service and venue in the federal and state courts located in Columbia County, NY.
  5. SEVERABILITY.  I agree that this Agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by applicable law. Any provision held invalid or unenforceable only in part or degree will remain in full force and effect to the extent not held invalid or unenforceable and I agree to be bound to the remainder of the Agreement.
  6. RULES AND CONDITIONS.  I acknowledge that the rules, regulations, and procedures (“Rules”) and conditions of the premises, facilities, and equipment may change at any time. I agree to read and abide by all Rules in effect when I participate in the Activities and to use appropriate caution when engaging in the Activities.
  7. CERTIFICATION/WAIVER OF RIGHTS.  I hereby certify that I am 18 years of age or older and have full legal authority to sign this Agreement OR I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian (“Parent”) of a participant who is not 18 years of age and hereby grant permission for such minor child to participate in the Activities.  If I am a Parent, I represent and acknowledge that I have advised my child to abide by all Rules and that I have the full legal right and authority to grant said permission and sign this Agreement on behalf of my minor child.  I hereby certify that I have read this entire Agreement, understand its terms, and am knowingly and voluntarily giving up the legal rights that I, or my minor child, might otherwise have.


Release for Promotional Materials

  • By signing these Terms and Conditions, I hereby authorize THE ABODE to use my image and voice for promotional and educational purposes in any and all media including, without limitation, the Internet, Abode website, flyers, brochures, or other print or digital media.
  • I hereby waive the rights to receive any payment for signing this release or for the use of any promotional material that includes my voice and image.
  • I reserve the right to preview the pre-published use of the image and voice of my minor child/children. I may withdraw consent for THE ABODE to publish these materials at any time on written notice prior to publication.
  • Once the media product is complete, I waive any further rights to withdraw consent and release.




  • In order to stay up to date on our records, THE ABODE reserves the right to hold your contact information including but not limited to phone and email address.
  • THE ABODE will not share your contact information with a third party.  All contact information will remain confidential.



Rules and Regulations

  1. Quiet Hours – Quiet hours are 10 PM to 8 AM daily.
  2. Cell phones – Cell phones may only be used in the parking lots, in the phone booth in Rezak, or in the privacy of your room, but not in common areas.
  3. Personal items – THE ABODE is not responsible for the theft, damage, or loss of any goods brought onto the property.
  4. Fire Prevention – Open flames are strictly prohibited in the buildings including candles, incense, pipes, cigarettes, and cigars.  If you are a smoker, please ask the on-duty Programs Support personnel for the designated smoking area.  Smoking is prohibited everywhere else on campus, including roads.
  5. Illegal Drugs – Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.  Anyone who possesses or uses illegal drugs on THE ABODE campus will be required to leave the premises immediately, will not be allowed to finish the program they are attending, and will receive no refund.
  6. Violence – Physical violence is not permitted for any reason, including the hunting of animals on the property. Firearms are strictly forbidden on THE ABODE property.  Anyone engaging in violence on THE ABODE campus will be required to leave the premises immediately, will not be allowed to finish the program they are attending, and will receive no refund.
  7. Restricted Areas – The hill behind Quddus, the Meditation Hall, is a quiet area reserved for guests who are on silent retreat as are the small cabins by the upper parking lot (near the stream), so please observe silence at all times in these areas.  The driveway, apartments, and homes, near and including Mughni are private residences, as are the 3rd and 4th floor of Razzaq – entrance is strictly prohibited.  Parking or walking in these areas is prohibited.
  8. Cars – Cars may only be parked in the guest parking lots. Information regarding guest parking is posted and may also be found in your Welcome materials. A car may be parked in other areas in case of an emergency or for a maximum of 5-minutes to load or unload provided the car is not left unattended and does not block a driveway.
  9. Pond – THE ABODE Pond is unmonitored and therefore not safe.  No lifeguard is on duty.  No one may enter or swim in the Pond for any reason or under any circumstances.
  10. Pond Area – No one under 16 years of age may enter the area surrounding the Pond without an adult.  There must be at least 1 adult/guardian or adult designated by the parent/guardian for children 13 years old or younger.  Running, roughhousing, food, drink, glass containers, going to the bathroom, smoking, and consuming alcohol are prohibited in the Pond area.
  11. Children – All children 16 years old and under must be supervised by an adult at all times.  Children will be asked to observe all Rules and Regulations including quiet times and areas of restricted use.
  12. AnimalsDue to religious views on animals in sacred spaces, Pets and Service Animals are not allowed on THE ABODE campus.


Allergy-Free Room Rules and Regulations


The Abode provides four allergy free rooms at no extra cost for guests prone to seasonal or environmental allergies. There is one allergy free room located above Quddus, the Meditation Hall, two on the second floor of Fattah, and one on the third floor of Fatath. These rooms include hypo-allergenic bedding and are routinely treated with non-chemical cleaning products.


In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the allergy-free rooms, we require all guests who wish to reserve these rooms to be non-smokers, non-pet owners, and to refrain from using any chemicals or aerosol sprays including perfume, insect repellent, or powder.


*By clicking the box during registration, you indicate “I have read and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions” including the Abode Release of Liability and Release for Promotional Materials.  Completing registration indicates you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Photo: Hilary Benas