Village View – Week of January 24

Village View – Week of January 24

On a green textured background white text reads, "Success comes when reason, the store of experience, surrenders to will. - Hazrat Inayat Khan - Bowl of Saqi, January 23."
Text reading "Work at something bigger in 2021..." in all caps. The background is a rock wall.

The Abode is a retreat and spiritual center situated in an 19th century Shaker Village on Mount Lebanon, NY.  Each year, the Abode welcomes visitors to its historic campus for contemplative and rejuvenating activities.


The Abode service team is a group of dedicated people helping to tend a facility and land that have been considered sacred since the land’s earliest known stewards, the Mahicans.  The Abode’s spiritual and service focus is the basis for offering sacred hospitality to all who cross our threshold.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Abode has been closed to guests, and has been working on a rejuvenation of its campus structures and facilities.  


As 2021 arrives, and we plan for a Spring opening, we are seeking to recruit experienced maintenance and facilities folks to help us undertake day-to-day care and upkeep and to facilitate upgrades. If you are looking to apply your skills and experience to preserving and rehabilitating something worthwhile, and to belong to a service-oriented team, please see the position descriptions below and connect with us!

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Sufi Message Class

Thursday, January 28 | 7:00 PM EDT


Join us for this week’s Message Class!

This week’s Sufi Message Class, led by Yaqin, will focus on the third Copper Rule: My conscientious self, do nothing which will make your conscience feel guilty.

As an optional activity before the class, read Pir Zia’s commentary on this rule; choose one paragraph from the paper to read during the class and share a brief comment of your own. The paper is a bit long, so get a cup of tea or coffee, relax, read it and gently reflect on our lives.


Prior experience with the Chivalric Rules is not necessary to join in the class.


Classes are held via Zoom every Thursday with password: 493634

A black background with two hands in the center illuminated by the candle they hold. White text between two horizontal, white lines at the top of the image reads, "Sufi Message Class," in all caps. On the bottom of the image, between thin lines reads, "Thursdays @ 7:00 PM ET," also in all caps.
A photo of a lone tree in a foggy, snowy field is bordered by black bars on the top and bottom. Text reads, "Universal Worship - Led by Michael K'Shatriya Young - February 21-11:00 am et"

Universal Worship
Sunday, February 21 | 11:00 AM EDT


Join us for February’s Universal Worship, led by Michael K’Shatriya Young!


Held via Zoom every third Sunday with password: 472313

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