Village View – Week of April 4

Village View – Week of April 4

On a blue gradient background, black text reads, "As the light of the sun helps the plant to grow, so the divine Spirit helps the soul towards its perfection." A line below it becomes a lineart drawing of a hand holding a sprout on the right side of the image. The attribution is "Hazrat Inayat Khan [linebreak] Bowl of Saqi- April 8"

The Lataif:
A Six Part Series with Naima & Yaqin

April 6 @ 11:00 am – May 11 @ 12:30pm


The Lataif are related to various centers in our body and are portals into subtle realms of being. Through this six-part series, we will explore primary spiritual practices which unfold, awaken and develop our experiences of these subtle centers, awakening us to the wholeness of life.


This course is open to all those with a sincere interest in the practices of the Inayatiyya Inner School.


Advance registration is required. Our recommended donation is $50 with a sliding scale available.


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The Lataif is the second in three offerings from Naima Brown and Yaqin Aubert, advanced teachers and practitioners within the Inayatiyya. In February and March, we explored The Elements and this fall we will explore Zikr, October 5-November 9, also on Tuesdays from 11-12:30 pm EDT & 5-6:30 pm CET.

Message Class

Thursday, April 8 | 7:00 PM ET


For next Thursday’s Message class, led by Nur Gale, we will continue with mushahada teachings and practices to cultivate our awareness of Presence. Again, we will be looking at the parallels, commonalities between mental and emotional appearances that arise during our waking and sleep states. This will include lessons for better understanding the “dream-like” nature of the coarse mind’s activity and the luminosity and cognitive knowing of the subtle mind.

A black background with two hands in the center illuminated by the candle they hold. White text between two horizontal, white lines at the top of the image reads, "Message Class," in all caps. On the bottom of the image, between thin lines reads, "Thursdays @ 7:00 PM ET," also in all caps.

We will draw examples from Murshid, Shihabbudin Suhrawardi and the recent revolutionary research by University of California at Irvine neuroscientist and physicist Prof. Donald Hoffman, who has upset the entire evolutionary biology and neuroscientific communities by positing consciousness as the fundamental fabric underlying the universe rather than the time/space continuum.

Finally, how might our bringing conscious awareness of the substrate consciousness (malakut) and the substrate (jabarut) relate to the early stages of dying after we fully release and surrender our final breath and our body no longer provides the gift of a new breath in return. Murshid offers one clue: “When we shall be without our physical body, in what we call death, the dream will remain, and the physical world will go from us. That will be our reality. This is Malakut, the mental plane. In this your higher self is independent of the body. You see, hear, smell without the eyes, ears, nose.”


All are welcome to join in the class!


 Weekly Message Classes are free and open to all; held via Zoom on Thursdays with password: 119393

Text on an image of a sunrise over a frost covered field reads, "Universal Worship [line break] led by Wajid Jackson [line break] April 18 - 11:00 am et"

Universal Worship
Sunday, April 18 | 11:00 AM ET


Join us for April’s Universal Worship, led by Wajid!


Held via Zoom every third Sunday with password: 472313

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Would you like to help beautify the Abode this spring and summer?


Our service team is a group of dedicated people helping to tend a facility and land that have been considered sacred since the land’s earliest known stewards, the Mohicans.  The Abode’s spiritual and service focus is the basis for offering sacred hospitality to all who cross our threshold.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Abode has been closed to guests, and has been working on a rejuvenation of its campus structures and facilities.  


As we plan for a Spring opening, we are seeking to hire garden, maintenance and facilities folks to help us undertake day-to-day care and upkeep and to facilitate upgrades. If you are looking to apply your skills and experience to preserving and rehabilitating something worthwhile, and to belong to a service-oriented team, please see the position descriptions below and connect with us!

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