Abode Village View – Week of 1/22

Abode Village View – Week of 1/22

“The Creator, by means of the human heart, experiences life within and without.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan


Dear Friends,

As winter expresses itself and moves forward into the first hints of spring, we’ve had the joy of visits from many friends. The year of 2017 concluded with a wonderful retreat with Aziza Scott and Yaqin Aubert. We were joined by many, near and far, and the Livestream option was well utilized. It’s a blessing to have these options available and to be able to connect with new and familiar faces from around the globe.

As we move forward into 2018, the Abode is focused on fostering its spaces, people, and programs, and we look forward to sharing more news on these fronts in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in hosting a program in the new year, please contact Topaz at [email protected]

With love,

Upcoming Week’s Events

Tuesday, January 23
– 6:00pm Community Dinner – Razzaq Dining Room
– 7:00pm Philosophy of Spirituality Discussion Group – Razzaq Library

Thursday, January 25
– 7:00pm Message Class with Nur Gale – Quddus (Meditation Hall)

Sunday, January 28
– 11:00am Universal Worship with Yaqin Aubert and María Cristina Fernandez – Quddus (Meditation Hall)
– 12:30pm Sunday Brunch – Razzaq Dining Room


Upcoming Programs

February 5  –  Urs of Hazrat Inayat Khan


Please check our calendar and programs pages for an extended look at upcoming events and happenings. We look forward to being with you soon at the Abode!