Abode Village View – Week of October 20

Abode Village View – Week of October 20

We Need Your Help to Bring the Future Into Focus


Dear Friends,


Last week we launched the fundraising for the Abode’s 45th Anniversary in 2020.  Please follow this link to find our donation page.

Your donations will help fund three strategic initiatives critical to the Abode’s mission and vision: providing a sanctuary for the Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and a place of sacred hospitality and retreat. You can designate your donation for a specific project, or for general support. Please give generously – the Abode grows with your support.

As we approach our 45th anniversary year, we are embarking on a period of celebration and remembrance, which will culminate in the 45th Reunion held July 3-5, 2020.  Please sign up to receive updates on upcoming events and how you’d like to participate.

Thank you for your nourishing generosity, love and support.


Al Bellenchia, Executive Director

Gabriel Steadman, Chair, Abode Board of Trustees

Aimee Johnson, Blair Mahbub Davis, Linda Nasreen Moayedi, Susan Sarfaraz Dawdy, Abode Trustees


These images are intentionally blurry.
You can help bring them into focus with your donation to the Abode.

Upcoming This Week

Taught from transcribed papers of talks given by Hazrat Inayat Khan, Thursday Message classes mix meditation, breathing and movement practices with receptive listening to Sufi teachings.

Universal Worship will be the annual Blessing of the Buildings at the Abode, led by Maria Cristina, Yaqin, Nizam, and Friends. Come and bring your light!

“Utilizing movement meditation as a vehicle of empowerment, employing the power of mantra, focused intention and the profound techniques of Tibetan Buddhist practice, we embody Tara, revealing Her sublime qualities to the world. With this sacred practice we pray that the earth and all beings are blessed and healed, that all may be happy and free from suffering.” ~ Tara Dhatu

Recipe Corner

To celebrate our 45th Anniversary we will be sharing recipes from 30 Years of Cooking with Love: Recipes from The Abode of the Message, a cookbook compiled in 2005 by Nizam Ash, Aimee Johnson, Rabia McIlvaine, Shirin Rosenberg, Feizi Spencer, Wahida Ashki Young, and Jill Zoeller.

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