Abode Village View – Week of 10/29

Abode Village View – Week of 10/29

The person filled with the knowledge of names and forms has no capacity for the knowledge of Truth.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Abode Appeal


Dear Friends,

The Abode offers its gifts to all who come with a clear heart regardless of station in life. These gifts, in my life, have been too many to count.

In this season of the appeal, it seems important to consider the types of gifts the Abode has brought or allowed into our lives and what our part might be in supporting the upkeep of all that lies behind the scenes of this place we all call home to our hearts in some way. Perhaps you have found a lifelong community, a place of solace, a garden (literal or figurative) where you can nourish the seeds of your life’s work or soul’s calling, a source of renewal and retreat, an openness that is unique in today’s world, lifelong friendships, a loving partner, a safe and beautiful place to raise your children, or a spiritual home. If not already stretching in our giving of time and/or financial contributions to the Abode, can we each be sure to express our gratitude for the gifts of this special place in our lives and our intention that it continue?

The $10,000 matching grant is a wonderful opportunity to support the appeal. It is also a way to acknowledge the Abode’s larger donors, and the continuous service of the Abode’s board and the many teams stretching themselves as staff and volunteers on the campus and the mountain every day.

If you have not yet contributed, please join me in contributing today as part of the matching opportunity.

All that the Abode brings is so essential in these times. It lies with each of us to contribute as fully as we can in support of its thriving continuation into the future.

With Love,

From the Extended Community

Abrahamic Reunion


Please join us November 9 & 10 as we welcome Rabbi Mordechai and Sheikh Ghassan, Peacemakers with the Abrahamic Reunion. Join the Peacemakers Friday, November 9, for an evening of stories, prayers, and practice. We will be hosting an Interfaith Mystical Shabbat dinner in the Razzaq dining hall, followed by song, zikr, chanting, and prayer in Quddus. On Saturday, November 10, Sheikh Ghassan and Rabbi Mordechai will be holding a morning dedicated to contemplating, studying, and discussing religious texts from the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian traditions.

For more information on November 9, please visit theabode.org/programs/621

For more information on November 19, please visit theabode.org/programs/623

Upcoming Week’s Events at the Abode

Monday, October 29
– Community Lunch – Razzaq Dining Hall – 12:30 pm
– QiGong Class with Wahida Ashki – Fatah Family Room – 5:00 pm – Join Wahida Ashki for a simple QiGong class. She will teach basic principles and show how to make up natural routines for your own practice. 


Tuesday, October 30
– Community Breakfast – Razzaq Dining Hall – 8:00 am
– Community Dinner – Razzaq Dining Hall – 6:00 pm


Wednesday, October 31
– Community Lunch – Razzaq Dining Hall – 12:30 pm
– Community Dinner – Razzaq Dining Hall – 6:00 pm


Thursday, November 1
– Community Dinner – Razzaq Dining Hall – 6:00 pm
Message Class with Nur – Quddus Meditation Hall – 7:00 pm


Friday, November 2
– Regenerative Seeds: For an Eco-Culture with Kevin – Fatah Family Room – 9:30 am-2:30 pm
What is Human’s place in nature? How do we heal the ruptured relationship between humans and nature. This program will be part informative, part experiential, and partly an open lab of ideas and experiments. Building eco-literacy, and practicing Core Routines of nature observation together, we’ll begin an ongoing journey for the individual and as a community. Then, through field trips and presentations and discussions we’ll look at some of the grassroots movements that are creating solutions, such as Permaculture, Regenerative Design and Culture Repair. Then we’ll look to practice our new Design tools as a group, and implement some of them here at the Abode. $10 to $20 suggested donation per day. Fridays through November 23. We’ll be meeting in the family room in Fattah at 9:30 am. Feel free to email with any further questions: [email protected] Hope to see you, Kevin
– Community Dinner – Razzaq Dining Hall – 6:00 pm


Sunday, November 4
– Meditation Class – Quddus Meditation Hall – 10:00 am
– Universal Worship – Quddus Meditation Hall – 11:00 am
– Brunch – Razzaq Dining Hall – 12:30 pm


Upcoming Programs

Interfaith Mystical Shabbat Dinner & Evening of Song, Zikr, Chanting, and Prayer | Friday, November 9 | 6:00-9:00 PM | $30 – Tickets available at theabode.org/programs/621Join the Peacemakers of the Abrahamic Reunion for a joyful and welcoming celebration of Shabbat with an Israeli Rabbi and Palestinian Sheikh.  In this unique night, we’ll share stories, prayers, the practice and meaning of Shabbat, the welcoming of the Light and Shekinah, and break bread and taste the fruit of the vine together.  Dinner will be followed with a Zikr circle— literally “remembrance” —chanting, singing, and invoking the presence of the Divine One together, featuring chanting in the Sufi and the Jewish traditions. Prayers for the peace of all religions, and especially in the Holy Land, will be remembered and offered in this non-political gathering of peace and friendship. All are welcome of any faith or tradition! 
Tickets for the evening are $30 which covers the cost of food as well as a contribution to the Abrahamic Reunion. Additional donations to the Abrahamic Reunion are encouraged. Those who have paid for this event are welcome to join us for Saturday’s program free of charge.


Resting in the Words of the Divine | Saturday, November 10 | 9:00 AM-12:00 PM | $15 – Tickets available at theabode.org/programs/623
Join Sheikh Ghassan and Rabbi Mordechai to contemplate, study, and discuss religious texts from the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian tradition. In the spirit of Shabbat, we’ll come together to take refuge and rest in the words of the divine and the presence of friends we know and friends we’ll make. This is a meeting of knowing each other, knowing the scriptures more deeply, sharing practices to explore the teachings more deeply, and by knowing one another, and each others’ traditions and religions, knowing ourselves more deeply. This can help weave the fabric of peace throughout our community and our lives.
Tickets for this event are contributed to the Abrahamic Reunion. Additional donations welcome.


*Registration Now Open!* New Years Even Retreat with Aziza Scott and Yaqin Aubert | December 28-31 | Begin the New Year with a sacred journey under Aziza Scott’s gentle guidance. This time will offer an opportunity to cleanse the heart and mind; to hearken to the call of the soul; to experience the peace that comes from turning within; to return to the struggles and joys of life with energy and a broader perspective. Aziza establishes an atmosphere of sacredness and emotional safety that is healing and energizing. Her humor and common sense provide a grounded approach to spirituality that helps in personal problem solving, inner realization and spiritual growth. Yaqin Aubert will lead the early morning and evening sessions, and will welcome retreatants on Thursday evening. 
Registration available at theabode.org/programs/582


Please check our calendar and programs pages for an extended look at upcoming events and happenings. We look forward to being with you soon at the Abode!