Abode Village View – Week of December 8

Abode Village View – Week of December 8

New Year’s Retreat with Aziza Scott and Yaqin Aubert

December 27-30, 2019


Begin the New Year with a sacred journey under Aziza Scott’s gentle guidance. This time will offer an opportunity to cleanse the heart and mind; to hearken to the call of the soul; to experience the peace that comes from turning within; to return to the struggles and joys of life with energy and a broader perspective.
Visit theabode.org/programs/742 for more details and registration.

This past week we introduced the Pir Vilayat Center Archive Project. The Archive Project is an ongoing initiative dedicated to collecting and preserving the teachings of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. The Pir Vilayat Center at the Abode is the locus of the project where writings, audio, and video can be utilized in retreat and program study. As the Archive Project evolves and more materials are collected and digitized, a wider range of content will be available in digital form.

Click here for the latest upload, Divine Love and The Path

Upcoming This Week

Join us for lunch and discussion. This meal is free to all, we hope to see you there!

Thursdays December 12th and 19th will be 2 live-streamed zikr classes in the Abode meditation hall. Zikr is the practice of remembrance of the unity of all life. The class will be led by Yaqin and Khaldun. Khaldun will be adding the wonderful sound of his”hand pan”. Come in person or watch on live stream. The live-stream link will be sent out the day before the class.  More information will be sent out soon.

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