Abode Village View – Week of 3/25

Abode Village View – Week of 3/25

The first sign of the realization of truth is tolerance.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Abode Work Mornings

Greetings! April 6th AND April 13th will be work mornings.

On April 10th, the rugs upstairs in Quddus will be replaced (long awaited!) and we need to move all the furniture out of the bedrooms, into the bathroom (most of it will fit) on April 6th. Then on April 13th, we’ll be moving it back.

We haven’t had a work morning all winter, so if you can come to both, that will be great! And don’t worry, there will be work for those who can’t move furniture, including painting, organizing, cleaning and all other manner of spring time activities.

Our Open House (aka Village Visit) will be on the Passover/Easter/Earth Day weekend – so we need to get our home ready for guests! Many thanks to all who feel called to participate!


Upcoming Week’s Events at the Abode

Monday,  March 25
– Community Lunch – Razzaq Dining Hall – 12:30 pm


Tuesday,  March 26
– Community Breakfast – Razzaq Dining Hall – 8:00 am
– Community Dinner – Razzaq Dining Hall – 6:00 pm


Wednesday,  March 27
– Community Lunch – Razzaq Dining Hall – 12:30 pm


Thursday, March 28
– Community Lunch – Razzaq Dining Hall – 12:30 pm
– Community Dinner – Razzaq Dining Hall – 6:00 pm


Sunday, March 31
– Universal Worship with Azima – Quddus Meditation Hall – 11:00 am
– Brunch – Razzaq Dining Hall – 12:30 pm



Upcoming Programs

Sufi Message Class | Thursdays | 7:00 PM | Quddus Meditation Hall | March 28 & April 18 – Nur, April 4 & 11 – Shakur – “Love & Forgiveness.” 


Out of Egypt: A Passover Seder for Everybody led by Pir Netanel Miles-Yépez | Friday, April 19 | 6:00 PM | Razzaq Dining Hall | Pir Netanel Miles-Yépez will lead us for the Abode’s annual Passover Seder. The seder will be by donation.


Holy Weekend Open House | April 19-22 | Join the Abode as we welcome back Pir Netanel Miles-Yépez for an Open House full of activities dedicated to Passover, Easter, and Earth Day. Activities will include a Passover seder led by Pir Netanel, a documentary film screening, a talk on Sufism and Christianity, a cacao ceremony led by Yasha Wagner, and more! Open Houses at the Abode are by donation and you can join us for as much or as little of the weekend as you would like. For more information and registration please visit www.theabode.org/programs/647


Emerald Earth Retreat with Kainat Norton & Muinuddin Smith | May 3-5 | Come to the beauty of the Berkshires within the renewing energy of spring!  In this weekend retreat we will attune to the sacred manuscript of Nature, to seeing with the eyes of Sophia, the creative feminine, the sacred wisdom of the earth, and to alchemical and Ziraat teachings. All are welcome. For more information and registration please visit www.theabode.org/programs/627



Please check our calendar and programs pages for an extended look at upcoming events and happenings. We look forward to being with you soon at the Abode!