Village View – Week of April 26

Village View – Week of April 26

“I thought it would be good for us to do practices once more. You see, it can’t be done with one’s will, because one’s will is, of course, linked up with one’s personal consciousness, and here one is going into an impersonal consciousness. The power that causes this shift is ecstasy. Every time that one is free from a limitation there’s a breakthrough of ecstasy, whether it is hang gliding, or listening to music that turns one on, or whether it is seeing something that one hadn’t seen before, or whether it’s forgiving someone or being forgiven, or whether it is discovering that one is free when one thought that one was bound. Any time that one is free from a constraint of any kind, there’s a breakthrough of ecstasy. And, as you know, ecstasy is the energy that brings about transformation in a human being.”

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In honor of National Poetry Month, the Abode will be sharing poems from poets of varying faith backgrounds.


This week we share a poem, I Know Nothing, by Ukranian-American Yiddish poet Malka Heifetz Tussman, sometimes known by her pen name Malka Lee.


“Born in Ukraine, Malka Heifetz Tussman immigrated to the United States in 1912. She lived in Chicago; in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and in California. She published her poems in many journals, including In zikh. Tussman’s early poetry, as evinced in her first book, Lider (1949; Poems), was written in sonnet form. She also experimented with the eight-line poetic form called a triolet (with a rhyme scheme of abaaabab). In later poems she sometimes used short lines of free verse. Her six important books of poetry include Mild mayn vild (1958; “Mild My Wild”) and Haynt iz eybik (1977; “Now Is Ever”). Selections from Tussman’s poetry appear in English translation in With Teeth in the Earth (1992).”

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