Abode Village View – Week of 8/21

Abode Village View – Week of 8/21

“There is nothing more subtle or simpler than truth.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan


Dear Friends,

For 42 years, the Abode has endured because of you:  your devotion to the vision of Pir Vilayat and the Abode’s founders and to the Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

The Abode’s Red Barn, recently dedicated and named Jami by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, is enduring as well, a beloved symbol of solidity and solidarity for all who have come on campus through the years since the Shakers erected it in 1869.

Today, we are seeking your help to extend the life and expand the purpose of the Barn and to transform it from office and storage space into a multipurpose facility that welcomes our guests, celebrates our heritage, and eventually, houses an expanded Community Store and community Café.

Your donation to our Summer Appeal will help us take the next step in the securing the legacy of Jami, the Abode’s Big Red Barn, for a new generation to enjoy.
Thank you for your support of the Abode’s mission to create a better world.

Al Bellenchia
Abode Executive Director



Check out the Abode videos for the Summer Appeal!  We’re asking questions like “Why is the Abode important to you?” and “Why is the Abode important in the world?”  If you haven’t seen them, make sure to sign up at www.theabode.org for our newsletter, where you will receive such notices.

Learn more about the Summer Appeal and ways to give at www.theabode.org/summerappeal

Register today!  Because another way to give is your presence and we want YOU at our Eve Ilsen program, “The World of Kabbalah from the Inside.”  Eve is a fantastic teacher, somatic psychotherapist, and storyteller extraordinaire!  REGISTER TODAY www.theabode.org/programs/324/


Bring a song, poem, or sharing next Friday, August 25, for a Community Sema led by Salima McCall and Saraswati Spies at 7:30pm.

Make the Abode beautiful Saturday the 26th for an Abode Work Morning 9am-12:30pm.  Meet in Razzaq Dining Room

Worship and eat with us Sunday, September 3 for Universal Worship at the Mountain Sanctuary followed by Sunday Brunch up on the Mountain!

Save the Date:
Our Annual Abode Weekend is happening October 6-8, 2017 with lots of exciting opportunities!  More details to come!

For other Abode programs, check out www.theabode.org/programs
​and remember that Ambassadors get benefits like programs discounts!


See you around the Village!


Upcoming Week’s Events

Tuesday, August 22
– 6:00pm Community Dinner – Razzaq (Rezak) Dining Room

Wednesday, August 23
– 7:00pm Healing Class and Circle with Regina Jemila Walther and Nizam Ash – Abode Library in Razzaq

Thursday, August 24
– 6:00pm Community Dinner – Razzaq (Rezak) Dining Room

– 7:00pm Message Class with Yaqin Aubert  – Quddus (Meditation Hall)

“Thursday’s 7:00 class (Aug. 24th) we will discuss Charlottesville and what we do, Hazrat Inayat Khan’s comment’s on difficulties of dealing with hatred and everyday life, and practices for Peace.” – Yaqin

Friday, August 25
– 7:30pm Abode Community Sema – Location TBD

Friday, August 25 – Sunday August 27
World of Kabbalah from the Inside with Eve Ilsen

Saturday, August 26
– 9:00am Abode Work Morning and Lunch (at 12:30pm) – meet in Razzaq Dining Room

Sunday, August 27
– 11:00am Universal Worship with Rahima Rowley – Quddus (Meditation Hall)
– 12:30pm Sunday Brunch – Razzaq (Rezak) Dining Room


Upcoming Programs

August 25 – 27  The World of Kabbalah from the Inside with Eve Ilsen
September 3  Universal Worship at the Mountain Sanctuary followed by Brunch on the Mountain
September 13  Hejirat Day
September 14  Abode Farm Class – Fall Harvests with Evan Thaler-Null
September 14  Fanna-fi-Allah in Concert!
September 22- 24  Healing Ourselves and Our Community: Harmonizing in Retreat with Dr. Randy Weston
September 23  Concert with Master Musician, Dr. Randy Weston in conversation with Pir Zia Inayat-Khan moderated by Fatima Hafiz-Muid, PhD

Please check our calendar and programs pages for an extended look at upcoming events and happenings. We look forward to being with you soon at the Abode!