Village View – Week of August 23

Village View – Week of August 23

Dear Friends,


As I write this, we have passed the halfway mark of August, and of summer. We have also passed the halfway mark of our 45th anniversary fundraising goal.  We are so very appreciative of all those who have given, and encouraged others to support us.


A special thank you to HuDost, who hosted a special online concert for the Abode on August 10. If you missed that show, it is available to view on our Facebook page.


Those who follow us on our social media pages like Facebook and Instagram have seen photos of the work we have accomplished this spring and summer. A few have been included here.


While we miss all those who would have joined us this year in celebrating the Abode’s 45th anniversary, we have used the downtime to make our home even better for those who will join us next year. Some of what we have accomplished includes:

•    Completed moisture remediation work in Mughni, and installed a new kitchen and refreshed baths.
•    Restored overhangs in Razzaq and Vakil, to their original Shaker design.
•    Repaired and repainted Rumi’s Café
•    Repaired and enlarged culverts and drainage around campus
•    Prepared for the beginning of work on the central courtyard.

Our fundraising goal for the Courtyard project is $75,000. Our campaign will end in a few short weeks:  on Labor Day, September 7, 2020. We are more than halfway there; with nearly $50,000 raised and more pledged.


Can you help us get to our goal? Any amount you can give will help. Sharing our appeal with friends will help too. Please donate today to rebuild YOUR courtyard, and carry the Abode’s offering forward into the future.

“The measure of your greatness is the measure of your magnanimity,
your willingness to carry people in your heart.”

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan


With love and gratitude,


Sufi Message Class led by Shakur | Thursday, August 27 | 7:00 PM EDT

Shakur and friends will work on finding ways to achieve a positive outlook and attitude in these challenging times. We will be using themes and meditation, breathing exercises, practices, readings, and discussions to find a more positive path for ourselves.

Join via Zoom with password: 493634

In honor of National Peace Month, the Abode will be sharing quotes from Nobel Peace Prize laureates. This week we highlight Liberian activist and 2011 winner, Leymah Gbowee.


“[After] witnessing the effects of war on Liberians, [Gbowee] decided to train as a trauma counsellor to treat former child soldiers.


A second civil war broke out in 1999 and brought systematic rape and brutality to an already war-weary Liberia. Responding to the conflict, Leymah mobilized an interreligious coalition of Christian and Muslim women and organized the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace movement. Through Leymah’s leadership, thousands of women staged pray-ins and nonviolent protests demanding reconciliation and the resuscitation of high-level peace talks.”

“Leymah Gbowee received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for her work in leading a women’s peace movement that brought an end to the Second Liberian Civil War in 2003. Gbowee shared the prize with fellow Liberian Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Yemen-native Tawakkol Karman. Gbowee and Sirleaf became the second and third African women to win the prize, preceded by the late Wangari Maathai of Kenya.”


For an in depth look at the life and work of Leymah Gbowee please visit the website we used for this small bio.