Abode Village View – Month of December

Abode Village View – Month of December

New Years Retreat January 8 – 9 | 2022 with Aziza Scott and Yaqin Aubert


Retreat in the New Year in a Zoom webinar with Aziza Scott and Yaqin Aubert — Saturday Jan. 8th and Sunday, Jan. 9th, 2022
10 am to 5 pm Eastern time


What is pulling you toward the future? Is your push of the past no longer a push for you? In these challenging times, join us to start the new year looking to the future, cultivating our inspiration, faith, strength, balance and resilience.  What are the threads of your life weaving toward the future?


Session themes will include working with the breath, magnetism, the Divine Names, zikr, the glance and bringing light into the world. Spiritual Practices will be incorporated throughout the day.


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Universal Worship
Sunday, December 19 | 11:00 AM ET


Join us for December’s Universal Worship!


Universal Worship is held the third Sunday of each month.
Use this Zoom link with password: 472313

Message Class
Thursdays | 7:00 PM ET


Weekly Message Classes, held every Thursday, are free and open to all. Use this Zoom Link with password: 119393

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